Why I Charge

I’m often asked why I charge for selections.

In 2003, two of my original investors and mentors asked if I would be interested in offering my opinions to the public for a fee.

I had no real interest, lots of reservations, and a number of questions:

1.) Who would want to buy them?
2.) Wouldn’t I feel horrible if someone lost on my information?
3.) If other paid analysts made so much money, why would they share their information?
4.) Can’t the other handicappers make a better living betting on their own selections?

I finally agreed for several reasons:

1.) Writing 
I enjoy being able to express my opinions and hopefully help others.
Putting my ideas down on paper can clarify thoughts, enabling introspection
for better selections.

2.) College Tuition
If you make too much money you get to pay full price.
Even if you make a very nice living, three kids in college at $65,000+ per year
can slow you down a bit.

3.) Relationships 
I’ve made some wonderful associations over the years. Some have become friends,
and others have given me great advice. I’ve realized that there is always something that can be learned.

4.) Luckily, I’ve been able to help subscribers make substantial profits, justifying membership costs.

5.) Most importantly- a portion of all proceeds are donated to charity. This month we’re  supporting Thorncroft Equestrian.

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