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Table of Contents from My Upcoming Book

Here’s the Table of Contents from my newest book,  #1 Amazon New Release!

Football Betting Made Easy

Football Betting Made Easy

Secrets of a Professional Handicapper

By John D. Rothschild


Why don’t you ever see the headline ‘Psychic Wins Lottery’?

Chapter 1: How to Lose $45,000 in 50 Minutes

Chapter 2: How to Think Differently Than Everyone Else

Chapter 3: How Much Can I Really Make?

Chapter 4: The 9 Biggest Wagering Mistakes

Chapter 5: How to Lose $300,000 in 28 Days

Chapter 6: Wagering Basics and Useful Terminology

Chapter 7: Your First Quiz. (This one doesn’t count.)

Chapter 8: Money Management 101

Chapter 9: My Early Disasters on Television

Chapter 10: Your Second Quiz. (See if you’re ready to start making money.)

Chapter 11: Angles That Work Best for College Football

Chapter 12: Your First Real Test

Chapter 13: Interview with an Illegal Bookmaker

Chapter 14: Angles That Work Best for the NFL (many also work for college)

Chapter 15: Half-Time Show. (How Jonathan Swift Might View Football.)

Chapter 16: Angles That Work Equally Well for College or the NFL

Chapter 17: Your Second Real Test

Chapter 18: $200,000 in Debt

Chapter 19: Midterms

Chapter 20: NFL Playoff Angles

Chapter 21: Visionaries and Prognosticators Can Be Overhyped, Even Guys Like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison!

Chapter 22: Prepping for Finals

Chapter 23: Wagering Strategies That Just Don’t Work

Chapter 24: Finals and Graduation with Honors. 10 Games to Prove You’ve Learned How to Make Substantial Profits

Abbreviated Football Terms

Rothschild's Guide to Football Handicapping

SafestWagering.com: Why I Charge

I’m often asked why I charge for selections.

In 2003, two of my original investors and mentors asked if I would be interested in offering my wagering opinions to the public for a fee.

I had no real interest, lots of reservations, and a number of questions.

  1. Who would want to buy them?
  2. Wouldn’t I feel horrible if someone lost on my information?
  3. If other paid handicappers made so much money, why would they share their information?
  4. Can’t the other handicappers make a better living betting their own selections?

 I finally agreed for several reasons.

  1. Writing: 
    I enjoy being able to express my opinions and hopefully help others.
    Putting your ideas on paper, can clarify your thoughts, enabling introspection for better selections.
  2. College Tuition:
    If you make too much money, you get to pay full price.
    Even if you make a very nice living, three kids in college at $65,000+ per year can slow you down a bit.
  3. Relationships: 
    I’ve made some wonderful associations over the years. Some have become friends, and others have given me advice.

– John Rothschild

Featured in The Business Journal and on ESPN radio as

         “The Definitive Expert for Football Profitability.”  

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Best Selling Book #1

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