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Wagering Angles for the first 2 Weeks of The College Season

Note:  This information is available at #Rivals.com   -or- #ESPN.com

1)   Teams with  Top Ranked Recruits:
Do not bet on a team early in the season just because they’ve had a good recruiting class.
This is often already built into the line.

I.   In addition, those “top recruits” may:
1)  Not be on the field.
2)  Need to get acclimated to college football.
3)  May not be as capable at this level.

II.  Later in the season refer back to those schools that have recruited well.
Many players will mature and catch the average bettor by surprise.

III.  Often teams with the top recruiting classes one year are attractive bets early the following year.

2)    The Second Week of The Season:
The public expects that what they saw last week, will happen the next.
It doesn’t.
After the first game of the season the betting populous only have one game to draw on.
Teams that win blow-outs are overbet.
Teams that are blown-out are underbet.