2019 Results

Horse Racing Results will begin posting 1-19-20.
Skipped days are losing ones. 
In the winter we usually race four(4) days/week.

























11-29-19         Wash St at Washington    Pending
11-30-19         Clemson at S. Carolina     Pending
11-30-19         Wisc. at MN                        Pending
12-01-19         Eagles at Dolphins            Pending
12-01-19         Rams at Cardinals            Pending
MORE to come!
11-29-19          Texas Tech at Texas        
Loss (Didn’t get expected bad weather)
11-28-19          Ole Miss at Miss St           Win
11-28-19          Bears at Lions                   Win
11-26-19          W. Mich at NIU                  Win
11-25-19          Ravens at Rams               Win
11-24-19          Jaguars at Titans             Win














2nd Half of 2019 Football
Balance updated on Monday

11-10-19        Ravens at Bengals        Win
11-09-19        Iowa St at Oklahoma     Win
11-09-19        Ap St at U. Carolina       Loss
11-09-19        Penn St at Wisc              Win
11-09-19       E Carolina at SMU           Win
11-07-19       Chargers at Raiders        Win
11-05-19       Ball St at W. Mich            Win
11-04-19       Cowboys at Giants         Loss






First Half of 2019 Football
10-26-19        Notre Dame at MI.St    Loss

10-26-19        Wisconsin at Ohio St    Win
10-26-19        S. Carolina at TN            Loss
10-25-19        USC at Colorado            Win
10-24-19         SMU at Houston            Win

10-21-19         Pats at Jets                    Win
10-20-19        Chargers at Titans         Win
10-19-19         Purdue at Iowa              Loss
10-19-19         Temple at SMU              Loss
10-19-19         Kentucky at Georgia    Win 
10-18-19   Ohio St at No.western Win
10-17-19   Chiefs at Broncos           Loss
10-16-19   So. Alabama at Troy     Loss

10-13-19   Steelers at Chargers      Win
10-13-19   Falcons at Cards            Win
Eagles at Vikings             Loss
Florida at LSU                  Loss
   BYU at USF                     Loss
10-12-19  Texas Vs Oklahoma       Win
10-11-19  Colo St at New Mex        Win
  Ap St. at Louisiana Laf     Loss
10-07-19  Browns at 49ers               Win
  Broncos at Chargers         Loss
10-06-19  Vikings at Giants             Win
10–05-19 Tulsa at SMU                    Win
10-05-19   Auburn at Florida            Win
  Iowa at Michigan              Loss
10-04-19   UCF at Cincy                     Loss
10-03-19   Rams at Seahawks         Win
09-29-19  Cowboys at Saints             Loss
09-29-19  Titans at Falcons               Loss
09-28-19  USF at Connecticut         Win
09-28-19  SMU at USF                       Win
09-28-19  Texas Tech at Ok.            Win
09-27-19  Duke at VA Tech              Win
Bears at Redskins            Win
09-22-19  Saints at Seahawks         Win
09-22-19  Falcons at Colts               WIn









********Early part of season***********

8-29-19      UCLA at Cincinnati        Loss

8-30-19      Wisconsin at USF          Win

8-31-19     MS St at Lou. Laf            Win

8-31-19     S. Carolina at N. Car      Win

8-31-19    Mizzou at Wyoming        Loss

9-02-19   Notre Dame at Louisv      Push

9-05-19  Packers at Bears              Loss

9-07-19  Cincy at Ohio St                Win

9-07-19  USF at GA Tech              Loss

9-07-19  N Mex St at Alabama        Win

9-07-19  BYU at TN                        Win

9-08-19 Titans at Browns                Win

9-08-19  49ers at Bucs                    Loss

9-09-19  Texans at Saints               Win

9-12-19  Bucs at Panthers            Win

9-13-19 N. Carolina at WF             Loss

9-14-19  MD at Temple                   Win

9-14-19  USC at BYU                      Win

9-14-19 N. Ill at Nebraska              Win

9-15-19   49ers at Bengals            Pending

9-15-19     Eagles at Falcons         Pending
More to come………………..














 We pretty much won all of our biggest races last  season.                                                                 (Check dates for validity.-It’ll be tough to duplicate, but will do my best.).


Kentucky Derby-not listed because of DQ

Arkansas Derby (small payout on our winner-beats losing)

Bluegrass Derby Prep

The Gotham & Tampa Bay Derby (oops-we finished 2nd and 3rd respectively)

Fountain of Youth (Our top choice (ML of 10-1) finished 2nd-very small profit.)

Risen Star & El Camino Stakes (Both were documented on same card.)

Pegasus-first 9 Million $ Race (no bragging, but beats losing)

All Racing results(skipped days are losing ones):
(Took eleven days off to visit tracks in Asia.)
We’re back racing again!
Start of Racing Season #2-Post Derby
We should get our first FULL week of dry track racing in a long time!
Day 27: 07-13-19   (First dry day of our Saratoga meet)
Day 26: 07-06-19
Took 1 Week off for Early Football Research

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