Maximum Profit

A Fun Look at Handicappers

You can get picks from others…..

                                                            But, they don’t do very well.


The following are “requirements” needed to become a paid handicapper:

1. Create a website for a few dollars and proselytize your product.
2. Call yourself a professional.

That’s it! You’re in business.

One of My Favorites

Almost every site benevolently offers:
“If we don’t make you money, you get the next week free!”
Translation: You only have to pay once to lose your money twice.

Winning Percentages

For years, most advertised that they won over 80%.
Then they got smart! Now everybody wins at a 65% clip.
It’s amazing how Vegas and The Sportsbooks stay in business….when nobody loses.


Where are they?
Some sites list some generalized numbers claiming mathematically impossible results. You would have a better chance of winning the lottery and then getting struck by lightning.

All Handicappers Now Have “Inside Information”…
Yeah, Sure

A funny story:
Last season, I met with a few trainers and a horse vet to discuss rehab on some stock that were running at Belmont.
I sent this information out to my subscribers.
Later that day, the exact same analysis was plagiarized and sent to me by another handicapper as “inside information.”


I’m not saying you need to be Chaucer or Swift, but I question anyone’s abilities who can’t spell and needs to use the same tired colloquialisms with each analysis.

Longevity = Ability

Most assume that what happened last time, will be replicated the next. It won’t.


Handicapping Stat Sites 

Sportsbook Review

NFL Stats


Scores and Odds



Tools That Will Maximize Return On Investment


I’m often asked how can you make good money, especially when basically everybody loses.

  1. Pick your sports. For me, that’s football and horse racing. Anything else, I’d lose your money.
  2. If you have no knowledge of a venue, STAY AWAY. Unfortunately, most who think they do, don’t.
  3. DON’T parlay, unless you feel that strongly about a side.
  4. The greatest percentage of losing wagers are on exotic bets.
  5. Pick your plays. If you don’t like anything, DON’T bet.
  6. Most importantly, and as mundane as this sounds, get cerebral.
  7. I hate the colloquial comment: “The line is telling you something” (sure it is).
  8. Do your research and know what it’s saying.
  9. Luck. I don’t care how good you are. Things will happen that are not anticipated.

Profit 101:

  1. I only do analysis on things I know and can gain a statistical advantage. You will never see me at a casino playing slots, blackjack, or other table games. Yes, I know counting cards increases your chances by about 4%. But, if you’ve never counted cards, it’s exhausting and not much fun.
  2. Don’t look at the lines, at first. Make your own and test the parameters.
  3. If a line looks wrong, you have two options:
    • Find out why the numbers are skewed and do some research.The easiest looking plays are usually the biggest losers.
    • Increase your bet on that play. Advantages are not that frequent.
  4. Most handicappers lose because they only project a team’s most recent performance against the next oppenent’s strength. You need to adjust for new personnel, team mindset and–most importantly–coaching and player adjustments.
  5. For a complete and comprehensive guide to making consistent winning selections, check out our newest best-selling book “Football Betting Made Easy”