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Some Free Stuff! We’ll feature a new chapter each week from our Best Selling “Rothschild’s Guide to Football Handicapping”


Chapter 1: It’s Really Possible


   Las Vegas is the only city in the world where you can arrive in a $40,000 vehicle and go home in one worth a quarter million… A Greyhound.



It’s finally fall. Overhead, the faded greens, burnt yellows and bright oranges blur together resembling a giant patchwork quilt draping the landscape. The leaves have begun their yearly gravitational pilgrimage, and are now comfortably residing in my backyard.

Only two things come to mind. The damn things need to be raked, and it’s Football Season!


I just flew in from Las Vegas from my annual conference with some of the most knowledgeable handicappers in the business. These are hard working guys who legally make lots of money wagering. We share theories and statistics prior to each season, hopefully gaining every possible advantage.

Mike J. is a former scientist, who thought that his mathematical models would enable a lifestyle change. They did.

Mike T. is a former CSI style detective who relies more on theory, and developing possible game scenarios, hoping to increase his winning %. It has.

Sean is a processor, who has unique decision making abilities when our separate analyses conflict. This usually means that, no matter how much research we’ve done, some of our picks are unplayable. This saves lots of our money for future investment. His best attribute is keeping a positive attitude when the inevitable losing streaks don’t gracefully exit quickly enough.

There are NO systems for winning seasons. There are systems and angles that will dramatically increase your winning % for individual games.


Only two forms of wagering offer a realistic certainty of profit and even early retirement, Horse Racing, and betting on spectator sports… especially football. Both allow you to compete with your contemporaries, instead of the house.

Thanks to the benevolence of sports books and racetracks, wagering paid for my wedding. It didn’t hurt that my competition often risked their capital without the proper techniques, and had little willpower.

My first involvement in the wagering business came as a horse owner. Winning a racing wager involves picking the best horse out of 10 or more. Winning a football game only involves 2 options, but similar skill sets. If you use proper money management, you can win less than 60% of your games and still have substantial profits.

There are NO illusionary systems in this book for two reasons. Most are complicated and time consuming, and they don’t work! The ideas presented are easy to understand and implement. They are intended for anyone from the seasoned professional, to those who want to impress their friends or spouses. You won’t need to know every player on a side, or every formation in a playbook. You’ll become a successful processor, who takes readily available data to find winners. The Internet supplies an unlimited library of information. Others do the work for us to interpret and profit!

In addition, this book is not intended to be a complicated exercise in mathematical probability. When finished, you’ll be able to find angles that will give a statistical advantage, while hopefully getting you to think “outside of the box”.

The last chapter includes a test that contains 11 real life game situations. See how many winners you can pick, and see if you’re ready.


Best Wishes,

John Rothschild