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NFL Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots Versus Seattle Seahawks.

New England Patriots Versus Seattle Seahawks.



The best way the Patriots can take the tarnish of football impropriety off of their

3 Lombardi trophies is by just winning today.

Most of the country seems to be rooting for Seattle, while most of the big early

money was bet on New England.


There’s no need for another repetitive analysis of match-ups or player’s attitudes.

We’ve heard it all for the last 14 days.


There were no major news stories since the conference championships so we got to talk

about air pressure. Anything else remotely sexy and these discussions may have

only lasted a few days.

We didn’t hear about Ted Kennedy driving under the influence at Chappaquiddick

for 72 hours because Neil Armstrong was taking his “small” step on the moon.

The country quickly forgot about House Rep Gary Condit’s murder accusation

after September 10th 2001.


Luckily today will be just about football.


Here’s what I see.

We can discount The Patriots dominating win over The Colts.

Indianapolis isn’t quite ready.

We can’t discount The Seahawks poor play for 55 minutes against The Packers.

Green Bay imploded on Offense, Defense, Coaching and Special teams.


Both teams are capable of stopping the run. On paper defense should dominate.

The total has already dropped two points.

I would expect to see a little more of Russel Wilson scrambling to keep the Patriots honest.

I would expect to see some quick empty set passes from Tom Brady to help keep the Seahawks defensive line

out of his backfield.


You never know, but I think Tom Brady will be fine with a few more PSI today.


I like New England  +1  (this line is available at some books at 11:45 EST)